Consolation – Cold Blooded Cold




Cold my blood is running cold
Dead eyes stare, empty black as coal
Purify, this final act will purify
Cleaning a weak and smothered earth
Your life, useless, a hereditary error
Deny the gift of birth
As I rear life from the womb

Freezing, my body is freezing
Skin turn grey and withers away
Consumed by hate, I obliterate
Redeem denied
The time has com to withdraw from life
To withdraw from life

Your fears, your hatred
To your race, to yourself
To your dying world, in which your forced to dwell
Recollections of failure, facts you cannot hide
Living in a world of nothing, this is your pathetic life

Cold blooded cold
Powers that soon will beel
Cold blooded cold
Growing inside of me
Cold blooded cold
High on supremacy
Cold blooded cold