Consolation – Dominion Fails




Aghast of the neglection
Contempt of the older generation
Righteousness is never maintained
Leaving us with the shit of million years to come

Systematic annihilation
Hostile forged hate
The spilling of the earth
Most of the guilty ones left us
Conform me by destroying all reality

Detracting about other races
Do you think that’s what faith does?
I don’t even wanna listen to your shit
Everything I’ve already heard
Blurs my vision of a pure mind
Blood has floated
Leave it all to the common thinking people

And don’t try to harass me
I abducted faith
I won’t listen to your shit
Your story is just an apology
Don’t invite me to your feast
‘Cause that’s disgraceful waste
Don’t make amends to me
You potential murderers

Faith doesn’t stand for racism
But faith always makes war
Dominion fails