Consolation – The Truth




The truth is now revealed
And breaking through all lies
The final words written down
Ha truths none can deny

Enslavement, oppression
Inquisition, fascism
Racism, abuse of power

The roman emperor
Used people as his pawns
Just the same way as leader do now
Man in three-piece suits
You select the people
Just like Hitler did
You distinguish
The slave from the master

The truth
Control-state creating hate
The truth
Ignorant towards their fate
The truth
Leaders killing our trust
The truth
Pointing at you
I feel disgust

Possessed by money
No regards for human values
Greed and power

The servants of the leaders
You are the lowest scum on earth
It won’t be long
As we look down on you
Our hordes become stronger
We’ll just await the day
When all your might
Will be overthrown