Inner Shrine – Enveloped By A Conquest’s Shadow




Slowly a fog dissolves,
while a shadow totters on an Earth
soaked in the blood of innocent martyrs…
…breathing an air impregnate of hate
and silent screams.
Through the residues of a desolated sight
he sees the body of his battle’s brother.

Oh, my friend! How many pains and torments
have you felt for a grain of conquest?
Moved into an endless whirlpool of destruction.
Rendered immortal by man’s greediness.
Can you hear my voice? Can you hear me?

Slowly I perceive the agony,
the noise of broken hope.
The melted emotions that convulsively
slip in lunacy.

The stench of hate and suffering, the mute screams
of the forsaken breed.
Life fallen into oblivion,
perpetually torn and violated.

Silent, immortal…
the pale Death laughs for our misery.
through the desolation I’ve seen
the vanity of human wishes.

Only dust remains in the graves where I lie
the buried dreams of innocence.
The gates of the graveyard open as Death leads
the soul to his eternal rest.

Silent and still… the eyes look upon the motionless
body of the friend.
burns the stake.
Burn the grief and anger.
Burn emotion in the gelid mist… sensations
that will forever remain…
…entangled in silence.