Inner Shrine – To The Last Breath




Two powers, two reasons to despise
two reasons to fight, to hold the truth.
Seas of thoughts that slowly rush
to mingle swords and blood.
The final struggle,
truth of lies that infects all the living.
Full of why, the knight’s heart fights one of his twins.

Screams of regret.
Sad and already done destiny declares itself.
So lonely, so empty in a moment if innocence…
Kneels on what remains of his bloody body.

Falling down in an endless time,
all thoughts become a lost farewell…
stained with the tears of his beloved bride that,
from the threshold of the holy shrine,
swears neverending love…
…And the final sight of his friend
tied to his won doom.

While he’s trespassing the gates of the unknown
in search of new battles, in search of new lives.
Close exhale the painful last breath,
caught in the circle of forgetfulness.