Karina – Baby Baby




Oh Oh baby baby
Oh Oh baby baby

(oh oh baby baby,oh oh baby baby
oh oh baby baby oh oh baby baby)

Losin fiction aint an option (?)
I aint walking round here topless (baby baby)

I know them girls be getting it poppin
Strange way getting it poppin (baby baby)
And if u cant see it through these jeans
Then u wont see it up on me (baby baby)
It’s best to tell you don’t waste your time
Your eyes dont make me fine (baby baby)

I ain’t her and she ain’t me
Why give my love if you can’t see (that)
I aint giving you whatever you want boy
I aint a another toy in your toy box
(My momma said)
This my love and love aint free
Its your momma’s fault that u cant receive that
It’s all good just pick up your face boy
It’s all good pick up your face boy