Kronik – Dance Of Death




Midnight, deserted streets, a time so low
Walking through shadows with to interest at all
A man tired of all the masks he has to wear
He’d surely die it he could without pain and lear

Life ain’t easy, there’re so many lies around
You smile but seeds of hate lie underground
A pale figure appears, a woman in black
She has no shadow, the light she doesn’t reflect

They begin the dance in the dead of the night
No thoughts for tomorrow. she’s the queen of hearts

Strangers in arms as the time crawts
He is in love with her and she surely knows
There’s no future for the damned, satan awaits
Emotions they change, love is somtimes hate

She smiles. she closes in for the kill
He dies. to die in her arms is his last will

His open neck she sucks with sadistic crime
They lie reaching the highest orgasm
Dancing and dancing in the stil of night
Cursed creatures afraid to see the light
Don’t be afraid. you’ll rise again and live forever
We’ll lurk in the shadows, ı’ll never leave you
Don’t be afraid. ı’ll never leave you