Kronik – Executıoner’s Song




The word human rights
Doesn’t mean a fuck
How can ı believe that
My wounds wil ever heal

I guess, ı know it all
As ı fall into the hole
To be born is to die
No use to shut up or lie

I never thought ı could hurt so much
A whole world of crime
Time to call it goodbye
I’m only a toy when the titans clash

Neither alive nor dead
It will soon make you regret
That you’ve ever crobssed the law’s path
They finally found someone to blame

Execution time is near
Power’s on, lamps flash the color of blood
Doesn’t matter who you far
By argueing you’ll not go far

People always turn their heads and look away
All the wise guys they got nothing to say
Death is the sentence for you to reject
Insane to kill a man
When they should care and protect