Kruger – Captain America




NYC you now can sleep safely ‒ your favourite superhero is back and horny I just went off for a couple of years, and I been told there’s been around here a hell of a mess ? I can break through walls I can break through steel I can fly higher than a B52 I am heavier than napalm I’m stronger than Hulk Delivering freedom and democracy since 1932 Captain Africa has been defeated long ago – easy as pie Captain Russia fought for ages but finally retired You bet I’m now quite ready for some freaky action With my new sparring partner Captain Arabia I’m ready to hit out, I’m ready to hit hard I’m a hothead and ready Hey folks you can think being a hero is kind of easy ? Bullshit. Can you just really believe that when I was a kid I was afraid of heights ? I finally could pull through and now heights are afraid of me. And you can’t even think of the nightmare it was to find a classy suit. The point is when I was young I understood I had to be soon ready To protect your cars, televisions and worldwide supremacy