Lou Reed – Wait





Wait (Disgrace)
I know i shouldn’t, but we’ll wait (Such a pretty face)
I know the time is getting late (… such a waste)
And here is what you hesitate (Such a pretty face)
But still i really wish that you’d wait (… such a waste)
Although the passion might abate (Such a pretty face)
And find you in another state (It’s such a state)
That will seem just as a mistake (It’s such a waste)
Oh baby, i really think that i oughta wait (Such a pretty face)

Wait (It was such a waste)
I really wouldn’t want your hate (it’s Such a pretty face)
Certainly not after like late (… such a waste)
You wanna give not only take (it’s Such a pretty face)
I know propriety is such a waste (it’s such a Disgrace)
But then it says you really have to wait (Such a pretty face)
Considering the present state (… such a waste)
Don’t change my mind at such a late stage (… such a waste)
Oh baby, don’t you think you oughta wait (Such a pretty face)

Ooohhh …
Ooohhh …
Ooohhh …
Ooohhh …

Oh, now baby, how i wish you would wait
I really wish you’d hesitate
Oh, baby, baby please why don’t you wait
Oh, how i really wish you’d wait
Oh, how i wish you’d hesitate

(… someday)