Neaera – Scars Of Grey




Scars of Grey
The Grave Heritage

Pain Aches at the Country’s Soul
A Historical Trauma to Last Forever
It Harms Our Confidence Still
A Divided Nation – Not Becoming One

An Era of Unique Sickness
And Obsolete Ideas of an Archaic Mind
Vision of Megalomania – A Perverse Heirarchy
And Countless Hands Stained with Blood

Drunken Dreams of a Glorious Age Collapsed
Their Souls Died with Their Illusions
A Nation’s Subtle Suicide

Perfection, Strength, Glory
Heroic Statues Built on Quicksand
A Nightmare

Guilt and Shame – to Shape Endless Lives
Defeat, Decay – To Stab a Nation’s Soul
Disgrace, Regret – to Trigger an Endless
Process of Purification

Shadows of the Past
Leave To Free Us
Shadows of this Darkest Chapter
Stay Forever – To Remind Us Eternally

Vision of Megalomania – a Perverse Hierarchy
And Countless Hands Stained With Blood


Will These Wounds Ever Heal?
Will the Price Be Forgetfulness?

Scars of Grey
The Subliminal Pain