Soulja Boy – Churp (Hit Me Up)




Ay Bra Dis Soulja Boy Just Churp Me When U Get Dis.

So Im Ridin Through Da Hood 100k Make My Neck Swell
If I Aint At Home U Can Churp Me On Da Nextel
Maceo Done Told Me Dont Talk About Da Work.
Cuz Undercover In Da Hood Diggin Up Dirt.
Still Gettin Money Yeah Pockets On Swole
Police Tryna Give Me 10 Years Without Wit Out Parole
They Say Im Gettin Money But They Say It Aint Da Right Way
5 Or 6 Cars Wit A Bike In Da Driveway

Sittin In Da Spotlight Chain Start Blinging
Step Up Da Car And My Phone Start Ringin
Shawty Who It Be Soulja Boy Above Da Law
If He Owe Money Dont Pay It Back I Break His Jaw
He Stay Churpin Da Phone Say Soulja You Da Man Do
Ahead Of Da Game You Can Call Me Commando
Black Ss Wit Da Suicide Doors
Platinum Earing Rangs And Da Icy Clean Clothes
Im Still On Da Move Cuz I Aint Ever At Home.
Ay Bra Hit Me. Churp Churp Da Phone

Puttin It On Da Map Out Da Trap In Da Big Time
Soulja Boy Tell Em Yell At Em Cuz Its My Time
People Playa Hatin On A G Like S B
Cuz Dey Flippin Da Channel And Im Talkin On Dey Tv Screen
Churp Da Whole Hood Ay Soulja On Tv
Remember Dat Dey Dat Soulja Boy Stood Next Me
But Now Im In Da Big Time Yeah Im Gone Steal Shine
Put Da Churp Phone On Da Map Like A Stripe Line