Tokio Hotel – Humanoid




Against the love
Against the faith
Against the sun
Against the night

Against the rules
Against the force
Against the wall
Against it all

Oh no
I’m humanoid
I’m humanoid

Give me life
Give me air
What have I done?
But I dont care

A moving shadow
But it’s too fast

Give me more
Give me more
I cant get enough

I’m Humanoid
I’m Humanoid
I’m Humanoid (Make it better )
I’m humanoid (Won’t you come back)
Take me away
We leave the pain

I dont know myself in
too many words
who does not know
lonelyness hurts

Hold me
and drown me
Hold me

I’m done with systems
I’m done with reasons
I’m done with questions
I’m done with hearing
I’m done with feeling

I’m humanoid