Unclean – Unholy Tohu




Gathering of fire daemons
They fly round up and down
Chaos is life
Holy chaos
Bottomless putting of bloody sepulchre
Betray of death so endless
Chaos of sacrifices and their souls
That are anticipate their death and infamy
Calling of Amphiteatrum Sapientae Aeternae
Finding of forgetfulness in the midle of might
Lost and forgotten in the midlle of day
Incignificant loose of old number
666 – I call on this world
In darkness are loose primary words
Ending further in bottomless darkness
Nameless by mightest
Calling holy signs – of your birth
Passion to nidht – dark evil
Highest revealing – by slut of universe
Blasphemy to stars – highest
Calling of forgotten word – deadly roaring beast
Middlentity among – infinite
Lost and forgotten – loosing space
With power of unknowledge – are open the gates
To bottomless darkness