UNLV – 211-187




Nigga’s be try’na rep and some fool’s
Be try’na buck but Lil’ Ya that type of
Nigga that just don’t give a fuck
But Nathan and if you hatin’ then
You’s a hater but I’m straight out that three
So how the fuck you gonna fade her
Soldier with a heart made of steel
Like my nigga B, I handle business on the real and
Then I chill make my rounds, pick up my car from
My bitches cuz I be hittin’ ’em regular like
Dre be hittin’ his switches
Clockin’ my riches as I stroll through my hood
Puffin’ on a blunt givin’ love where it’s all good and
For you nigga’s who ain’t go no love
I ain’t got no love for you chumps
Cuz I’m a smoke ’em and choke ’em
Like a Philly Blunt
Yeah, I’m gettin’ my grove on
I’m ready to move on
To another level rob some nigga’s or
Whatever I got big nut’s
I got a big heart like I said it’s been that way
Since fuckin’ start, you know me from my
Fuckin’ crew, you know what I’m bound to do
I got a pit, I’m ready to spit,