UNLV – Back Up Off Me




Shoot you in yo head makin’ sure your dead
Everybody’s talkin’ about the way that you bled
But ain’t no rats around because the U is in the clear
So watch yo back mutherfucker cuz I’m creepin’ up on ya from the rear

First Verse

I’m sick of them mutherfuckers with that ho shit
Make yo self known and stop talkin’ from an distance
I remember back to this round 1992
Some niggas called me up sayin’ we startin’ a group
Yeah I gave it a try but I was in it to win it
Them niggas started somethin’ they could not finish
Now I got to move on so I signed with Cash Money
Now I got some niggas who want to look at me funny
But yo I ain’t even gonna let them niggas step
If they start to rep I’m gonna rep mutherfucker
I got to set this shit straight now I’m on wax ya want to converse
But I ain’t got nothin’ to say since ya pissed me off
It’s best to get yo monkey ass out of my fuckin’ way
A lot of people dislike me but they don’t understand
They the one’s who really made me you can hate me forever
I’m makin’ money from yo head you can take this bounce
To another level Cash Money is in effect If ya got a probelm
Mutherfucker it’s yo self you got to check
I represent that fuckin’ uptown
Through the circumstances and the difficulties in the rap game
Niggas be comin’ with ho shit makin’ it harder for next man
I’m takin’ a stand mutherfuck the next