UNLV – Black Connection!! 226




First Verse [Kilo-G]:

Now if I step up on you with two nine millimeters,
Nigga you best to up and feel the heat from my niener
Or you gone be the, next unsolved murder case,
No damned description nigga cuz only you saw my face
But it’s far too late for snitch and flatline time,
Got caught in my hood slippin’, flatline time BITCH,

Optimals and fried pita and shit,
Only enhances the chances of cowards gettin’ they dome split,
I roll with, killas who that reside and blunt fillas,
And in our midst is this thug ass nigga tryin’ to get bigger
>From quarters to keys I be runnin’ in and out,
Every muthafuckin’ house, in the cut, goin’ for the green
Protected by the Tec, nuts, guts, and heart in the city where it’s all death
In the hood where niggas can’t trust they own crew,
But I got doggs worldwide I thought you knew

Second Verse [Lil’ Ya]:

I wanna take a trip to Cuba and parle’ in the bay,
Play with the bitches in Havana and come back with the yay
Front all my niggas nothin’ left but QB’s,
Sit back like a fat cat and count nothin’ but G’s
The first mill that I make-uh, buy alot of acres,
Plant all my weed, nigga what’cha need?
Can you picture just predict how to stunt a lick,
I done drove to Hammon and came back with some shit,
Call it yayo, and the other shit just call it brown,
Some fools lay it down, then act a clown,
Call me Sousa, I toss a, bird in a matter of minutes,
You want an ounce? Gimme your number and then hit me
I got them raw, bricks bigger than you ever saw,
I even got flip a dime for them rock stars,
I’m the richest, infamous, and they can feel this,
Commander of them soljas out the Melph, Lio, and Nolia,
You can’t stop us, fuck them choppers,
We got grenades, drop one then our work will be done,
Now we done handled that, let’s get some herb out the Mac,
And fuck parle’n, let’s find somebody else to jack