UNLV – Boom Get Chopped




I’m sick of it
Me to
Stop playinThis here is for the
Tan shade man with the braid’s
Stop playin’ with me
I’m sick of it

Fake punk wanna be
Flip on this nine millmeter clip

{Verse One: {Yella Boy}

Now you know this not some sunburst drink’s
I’m so deaf then the Def. Comedy Jam
Open that clip, now clip up like I’m firm
I’m a super duper rap rapper
Steady makin’ snappers
Hand’s clapper, nigga my chopper got’cha
I’m on the first floor emergency
Bury me, mister I’m sick, I’m jump for joy
But quickly, in my disguise to finish the j-o-b
Ya see, I’m back on track, can ya get with that?
No, you’s a hoe, you’s a hoe Mystikal!
I pack ya up like there’s nothin’ to be
Down like a street, steady re-loadin’ my weapon
Like a brass knuckle, and my soldiers I mean shoes
I mentally Retaliate, ya think ya slick
You not gonna bounce, you not gonna bow
Hoe you on my dick, but umm
I like the way you scream Yelllla!
Cuz, you be sweatin’ so hard you need three or four towels
I tried to shoot you in yo head, I wanted to see some
Bloody bread, somebody in the crowd said
Girl, that boy dead Fuck Him!
He was a cheerleader anyway