UNLV – Chill and Hussle




It’s that nigga of the block call me the hood mac
Down to make some snaps so what’s the haps?
Do I need the strap?
Will somebody give me a extra clip?
Cuz I’m a need it if these niggas try to trip
They might even try some of that funny shit
If they do, they fuckin’ wig I’m a split
I’m a get my point across cuz I’m the boss
Walkin’ with my mossed bird, double barrel sawed off pump
With some soldiers behind me called the Black Connection
Bet you bottom dollar we be tighter then some bird fly
You bests to run if you gun is on safety
Be handy with the steel if you ever try to face me
Nigga don’t you miss because if you do I’m a retaliate
And before ya shut yo head and fuckin’ face
Don’t get mad because yo tot your ‘K’ from the city
Lil’ Ya fa’sho just call me the Frank Nitty
Takin’ no pity leavin’ yo city destroyed
Bustin’ down yo door to take your coke and all yo boy
Then I leave the scenery my pockets full of greenery
Blood on my back and no more bullets in my mac
Watch yo back nigga