UNLV – Come Up




Well I’ma do it like this, I’m obligated to bust rap’s and peel cap’s
For snap’s in order for me to let go my flow I gained from my
Nigero say five or six year’s ago so know ya got’s to break
All the bigger nigga’s, now as I rome through my closet
I’m comin’ up on a bag of trick’s I look inside to see what I can come up wit
I found some shit I got a K, as my glock, I’m the nigga that’s in my hood
That can’t be stopped, the older lady’s they fear me
The word was out for lil’ kid’s not to talk or come near me
I’m on a stroll with my nina and my black glove
Doin’ a job, now I rub a dub, in the tub
Now I’m clean ready to pull another capper
Hold up my face is on the front of the paper
Now they got’s me on the run, and I’m runnin’ to they catch us
I’m talkin’ bout myself, and my murderous murder weapon
Down to the end till it’s over, give me the last shot
Totally out of control, but what the fuck I’m goin’ all out
Where they at, got to go get ’em Black, beat that buster broke and
I tell ’em I’m comin’ back, this is not the life a player choose
But I get’s down nigga for my fuckin’ snap’s
Nigga’s watch y’all back, because ya know I’m on a come up move

Chorus: {Magnolia Slim}
Nigga’s gettin’ fuck, nigga’s gettin’ stuck
It’s all I know bout comin’ up
Chorus: {Tec-9}
Now everybody know I’m a fool that’s on a come up move