UNLV – Don’t U Be Greedy




{Yella Boy}
Me rat a tat, tat tat tat, on you dog hoes
Me rat a tat, tat tat tat, on you dog hoes
Twerk all right getty up Eddie Bow
Bounce for that Outfit twerk for that Elflic
Brawl for that Polaroid then go get ya two slugs
I don’t have nothin’ if I don’t have you
Like Whitney even said, I will always love ya to
Bounce for that Outfit the one’s who mean it
Won’t ya bounce for that Outfit and don’t ya be greedy
Don’t don’t be greedy, don’t don’t cha be greedy
Shhh, bout to make me go to far
Unless ya bout the whole third they called
Ya see, ya won’t some nine seven Lincoln’s
With boo-koo sound, you can hear us if ya comin’ around
It’s best ya get the right kind of disk to listen to me
I want Means and Tina Marie
It’s best you get a built in alarm cuz I got me a gat and
I’m a try to set the whole third on the back
Ya get it, Got to get it right nigga, handle ya business
Oops, there they go to Roux’s five o
Stash-o left his bundle sittin’ on the ramp
Stash-o bundle must be dippin’ out the cut
Stash-o bundle must be sittin’ on the ramp
I’m always jumpin’ shop never dressin’ like a champ
I’m up early in the mornin’ on the breakfast smokin’ weed
I’m bout to go to Regal scoop, fresh pair of Arena’s
I went on Deli Shake and dressed mighty gentle
I said look at my snaps and bout another rental
I brought my nigga to Nickel’s cuz that was a school
Tellin’ all them ninth ward nigga’s that the third ward rules
I walked into the school and standin’ on the yard
A chick snuck and asked me was I from the third ward
Nigga’s came out the buildin’ and they was bootin’ me up
I grabbed the clip out my pockets and made them coward’s duck
I told my o’l lady I’ll be back to see
I went to Mac Melph Calio a Booker T
So they pilled up in a Trooper I was gasin’ it
Boo-Koo, AK’s, Mac’s Pump’s and shit and I
Was so darn able goin’ out St. Claud
With my Kangol to the back representin’ the third ward