UNLV – Got a Lot of Love




Verse One: {Lil’ Slim}

Growin’ up in the hood thinkin’ everything
Gonna be all right but it’s the nine to the four and
Brothers takin’ yo life I’m pourin’ brew on the curve
For my hommies my nerve
They gettin’ popped with the gat so I guess they got served
Now slippin’ in the hood is a no no thing
Now way back in the game they used to slang and hang
So let’s forget that past I can’t dwell on old days
If you show a brother weakness you bond to get sprayed
Stuck in the hood front me dope I wish you would
My hommies showed me love so I know it’s all good
Back and forth to the bank no I ain’t gon hurt
I rather struggle with my hommies in the hood and
Put in work if ya weak ya beat on the N.O. streets
If you can’t play the game you can’t compete
With the hustlers and the hoodlums that packin’ the gats
You got to walk the set and be fully strapped
The drug dealers steady makin’ the ends
My nigga got popped doin’ time in the pin a
Mac ten is a man’s best friend
When I blast that ass another killin’ again
But look here a fuckin’ gangster ain’t no time
Gettin’ lok the lower my game is to
Smoke or to get smoked
I’m still Lil’ Slim no I ain’t gone change
I’m showin’ love to my hood plus I’m true to the game