UNLV – Hood Mac




Twenty seven twelve that’s where I dwell
But you had to have heart to be down
From the start cuz a nigga didn’t play
That hoe shit if you got jacked you had to
Strap and that’s a rap bitch
Cuz gee’s are gee’s and youngsters are hustlers
You come up in the third bein’ a buster
Cuz if the capital YA found out about you nigga
I have to take yours to make mine bigger
And you can go get yo boys and they better come correct
Cuz I got K’s and I’m a put yo ass in check
You like a pussy cat comin’ up in the wood
Try’na survive in my motherfuckin’ hood

Chorus: {Bridge&Lil’ Ya & Yella Boy}

{Lil’ Ya}
It’s the mac from the motherfuckin’ hood y’all
It’s the mac from the motherfuckin’ hood

{Yella Boy}
I’m sick and tired I’m sick and tired
Of these bitches playin’ with me
I’m from the three you better respect UNLV