UNLV – Jazzy Bitch




I can never run out of bitches to right about it
My forget they name but I got game
That’s how I get them out
I told ya bout Demetrice, Evet, and Sabrina
Never gave you the low on this stank hoe
Katrina I seen her, walkin’ out the Melph by herself
She’s a bad bitch from Uptown who lived in the Melph
I introduced myself it’s the capital YA
OK? She asked me what I like to drink
I told her Alaza and by the way
You need to pick up some of that foolishness
It makes me hard, when I start I don’t want to quit
Man I punched this hoe, I wore the pussy out and
Before I left, best believe I got them out
I told you I’m a gangster and I just
Don’t quit so I’m a talk some mroe shit bout
Another bitch I got partna out the three we call
Him Tee, now me and my nigga Tee was fuckin’ the same
Bitch named Nicky, Nicky was the Spanish type of bitch
Who liked the sex, she was down for havin’ sex
But I was in it for her checks
She lived near the Nell, I told the bitch to give me some mail
She took me to dinner, broke me off I ended up in her
Now, Yella Boy you my nigga I know you don’t trip
But after the chorus won’t ya brag for a bitch