UNLV – Local 580 (Fuck Tha Police)





I’m runnin’ from the police they after me
I ain’t goin’ down try’na fix me with a case
Try’na strap me in that underground
Runnin’ and shakin’ it I’m movin’ like the runnin’ man
Tec’s in my chest and Amide in my fuckin’ hand
B.G. on a run peepin’ out a fuckin’ alias
Busters got me covered there’s some gangsters out that tenth
I caught two-o seven two fourteen and two await
I’m gettin’ blunted out with them niggas in the fuckin’ gate
I got on my all black steady walkin’ up Inferred
Under my black there’s a fuckin’ tec
Bitches talkin’ shit runnin’ off at the mouth
Some hoe just snitched on my honeycoon hideout
Now I got to travel long police still rollin’ free
Criminal at fourteen I’m thinkin’ what the fuck to do
Boo-koo on the ramps I don’t care if I die
When I was setup