UNLV – Local 580




Ghetto ass nigga and I’m true to the game
I had an fucked up childhood but that’s not to blame
The way I’m from they got my name on the wall
My name on the wall because I got big balls
Niggas round my way say I ain’t nothin
But I’m down wit my hood because you know I’m still struglinAfro and Eagle is where the dope fiends dwell
Niggas slangin’ fuckin’ nine and makin’ money as well
Pop pop watch the glock no I’m never gonna stop
Bloody stones in my hand from watchin’ a nigga drop
I don seen niggas bleed from bullets that have been bust
I’m pullin’ niggas cars and leavin’ bitches in my dust
Then I met to niggas who was really try’na save me
Baby and Slim they had the local 580
To you my nigga Pimp, Ms. Tee, and Big D
My niggas got my back off of Apple and E
Always ready to peel one they call me the lil’ one
Rat a Tat Tat now ya flat because I got my gun

Second Verse
{Pimp Daddy}

I’m down wit local 580 cuz I got much love
Black and White tee shirts when we walk up in the club
Straight gangsta to the back where dey yacky the gat
Pull it out Blok Blok my niggas always got my back
Been an ghetto ass nigga ever since I’ve was a kid gee
My daddy was an fiend never came around to see me
That’s all right because the shit is gettin’ bigger
Hooked up wit CMR and meet some gangsta ass nigga
Now I’m in it to win it deep in this game wit my boys
Down wit local 580 and we bout to bring noise