UNLV – Low Down & Dirty




Goin’ for it all I want to ball fall
So give me some chip’s, I got’s a
Motherfuckin’ nine on my hip,
I’m pissed, ain’t nothin’ shakinShit’s slow like before once again
I’m on the come up bro.

Called Yella out his house
Man, we got money to make
Scooped Tec off Infaret
Then we make shit shake, act a donkey
Dressed like junkies, gettin’ word on the bird’s
Where they flyin’, I’m a kill you if you lyinHis cousin gave me the urge to want me take
What you got, give me yo Yae, give me yo ring’s
And yo Boulevard watch, why you at take that
Link of yo neck, put it in my bag with the key’s
To yo Jag, I got to get yo gun’s out yo fuckin’ attic
Don’t try to test my nut’s and make me use the automatic
I rat a tat it, on yo ass daddy make ya duck
When you see a nigga pluck, Boo-Koo
Bullets, at yo motherfuckin’ dome,
Bitch, you should have knew you couldn’t run from the chrome