UNLV – Mac Melph Calio




Now everybody’s talkin’ about they run it and that war shit,
But they never seen a playa tellin’ to y’all the real hit,
Brace yourself, protect y’allself,
Cuz I’ma take a journey to that three and I’ma start in the Melph

Chorus (UNLV):

From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio….
I carry six guns, three eighties and K’s, glock forty-fives,
From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio…
I’ma shoot’cha in your head, makin’ sure your dead

First Verse (Tec-9):

Now as I raise up, it is a must I put my chrome K up,
Straight playa from Uptown, where everything goes down,
From up in the skinny smokin’ puff, you feel I’m bustin’,
Twelve years strong in the Melphanine,
Nothin’ but a Juvey growin’ up around dopefiends,
I remember when we all used to just play ball,
But as time when by, my ball partners they started to fall,
But I was taught by the G from that old school,
As I got older, the old school seemed cool,
But back then you didn’t need to pack no grip,
If you ain’t got no strap, then you just got that ass whipped,
And it was cool with the Mac and the Calliope,
They came together and controlled nothin’ but the dope,
This shit is real, I ain’t gone bullshit at all bro,
The real story about the Mac, Melph, and Calio