UNLV – Manny Fresh Mix




It aint ove yall i got some shit on my chest these niggas bittin beats given me
reasons to flex, you know they know when we catchem we gon bag em’ tie them
clowns up 3rd wall stockem’ we gon dragem’ threw the fuckin river shit is
realer than it ever been, them suckas playin knowin how the U spin the benz,
and when i’m mad aint no tellin what i’ma do, run in ya crib kill ya kids and
ya momma too, then find you and make you pay for what you done mah dogg, dirty

dirty gettin dirty ready to take ya wig off, i smoked a marbol to try to keep
myself stable loadin guns at the round table, now i’m able, capable to take
another one out, loose lips sank ships shoulnd’t been runnin ya mouth, now ima
ride out after i kill and destroy this is revenge for my lil nigga Bad Ass
Yellow Boy

Chorus:(chorus 2x)
You can copy all you want
you can ever try to sing it
but none of yal niggas can bring it like we bring it
this aint no remake or sella we the real machoy
this is revenge for my lil nigga Bad Ass Yellow Boy