UNLV – No Struggle No Progress




I don’t like to dream about gettin’ paid
No time for slippin’ no time to get laid
Got to get mine, get it with the Tec-9
Nigga’s on the come up, come up, come up
Ya see, time’s ain’t gettin’ no better my momma
Want to take on another job, but I won’t let her
Raised up without my daddy cuz he left me in eighty four

I was to hard for my momma to deal with me so I
Slung all night, and slept all day
Can’t figure out, how I turned out that way
Somebody come and help me, my foot is all ready in the grave
What will it take for a nigga to get paid
Wasn’t born with no silver spoon in my mouth
Without a doubt I’m strugglinFuck doin’ bad, I’m drug smugglinBut never the less, I got to get my momma out of there
I got a job, just to show her that I care
The player hate’n gettin’ bad but it’s good
These hoes is schemin’ on me they up to no good
Throwin’ babies on me, reppin’ on me
Talkin’ shit to they friend’s, bitches think that I’m broke
But I stack my end’s, the money came quick, though it was a lil’ dirty
I put my money with Tee and copped the whole birdie
Slangin’ that shit like it was hot when will it stop
My pockets is gettin’ fat, I’m obligated to live like that
The dope game is kind of shady, go to do good for my
Momma and my lady, why is time’s so hard, I always ask my momma
She told me, part of comin’ up is to survive the drama
I feel I was put o the test, I ain’t about fallinNo struggle no progress I’m only about ballin’