UNLV – Rape U 4 Your Life




Mac Melph Calio gonna rape you for yo life ya bitch you
Believe Dat Yeah!


Chillin’ on the set wit the fully automatic tec
Ya better back up off before I rape ya for life ya bitch
Chillin’ on the set wit the fully automatic tec
Nolia soldiers the melph boys the melph boys
Calio Calio

( Tec-9)
Ya better watch dis mascara that’s about to occur
I’m pretty sure to buck ’em down because I got the most rounds
Up in my chamber release my anger
Straight at you!
I hear the PO-POs as they say my name over the dispatch
But I’m round the way hidin’ wit my boy who knows me real well
No matter the price a real nigga will never sell you out
Cuz nigga that’s not what its all about
We droppin’ ’em down if ya runnin’ off at the mouth
Yeah! dem boys at 6 and b.b. comin’ up
You gets buck straight to the ground
If ya talkin’ about ya comin’ around
Lil’ niggas becomin’ bigger niggas everyday!
Initiation spray a nigga wit an a-k
Block parties drinkin’ 40’s smoke somethin’ wit meeee
We like to roll tightly without the seeds
Like kilo I be coastin’ full of that potion
Nigga flowin’ so pass the weed around to meeee
When I’m high I’m like Kurtis nigga superflyyyy
We be deep so watch my back if we chose to sleep
Will I live to see my 21st birthday