UNLV – Shake Shake It




Still got a lot of dog bitches on my list
Who be fuckin’ for office and under cover suckin’ dicks
I rapped about ’em back in my first rhyme
I’m a kick it once again because they still on my mind
I’m kickin’ it on them hoes them dog ass hoes
I’m kickin’ kickin’ kickin’ on them dog ass hoes
Well I guess I got to start with this bitch named Nell
A dick suckin’ cross thrower sent straight from hell
Never liked her just fucked her
Claimed that I stuck her the cable man
Was puttin’ in time so it ain’t mine
A lot of bitches was waitin’ on my name
It ain’t no thang because I’m gonna let me nuts hang
Next up is my baby mama a fuckin’ hood rat
Didn’t use a rubber when I hit the cat
She love to just shake shake ride the dick
Now I wish I never meet her because she make me sick
But it ain’t no thang cuz I’m gonna let me nuts hang
But ain’t no thang because I’m gonna let my nuts hang