UNLV – Tec-9 What Ya Like





Tec-9 what ya like
I like a nasty bitch
Tec-9 what ya like
I like a freaky bitch
Tec-9 what ya like
As a matter of fact
i like a I bitch who ain’t afraid to suck the bozack

Verse One

Back on that ass with a grove to make you move
Best believe what I say is what I prove got no time for playinIf ya know what I’m sayin’ because an nigga can’t be have steppinFor them stanky ass hos who hate me for what I do
Shout goes out to you!
Givin’ them hos what they like on a rainy night
I’m a nigga with enough nut for everybody
If ya want you can get it because I got it
Now break a nigga off and let me hit that cat
Don’t act like that cuz I know you know me from way back
People from the neck say my shit so fat!
I never fell off and changed my style like them other clowns
Just another grove for my niggas and my bitches
If ya down with the three repeat after me
Kickin’ it on them hos them dog ass hos
I’m kickin’ kickin’ kickin’ on them dog ass hos
Now how many bitches remember that
I’m bringin’ it back because ya hit it when I put ya on the map
I’m like a dealer pullin’ chips out my shoes mutherfucker!
It’s that grove part two