UNLV – There Dey Go




Master P)-talking
Uh huh, little somethin somethin for my tru niggas in New Orleans, Tulsa,
Oklahoma, Richmond California, Detroit Michigan, Oakland, Frisco, Virginia,
Arkansas, Fresno, Kansas, Tennessee, Sacramento, Treeport, Omaha Nebraska,
Texas, Chicago, Louisville, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, D.C., Albakurcky,
Dallas, New Mexico, Atlanta Georgia, Mississippi, Cleveland, Seattle, St.
Louis, Denver Colorado, Pheinox Arizona, Indianapolis, Flordia, N. Carolina, S.

(Master P)
Tear the head off that bitch that try to stop me from gettin my premovers
(what) back from the gravy row it there go the tycle no limit cycle row with a
rifle coming tru messed like barks niggas that wanna talk but i get green and
kill niggas like the incredible hulk yall niggas fuckin with the best yall
never should of put my rhymes with KLC, Craig B., Mo B. Dick, swamp nigga gold
getter mista killa drug deala servin fiends dope fiends got candy cream 3rd
ward nigga sellin ice cream pushin, baller nigga mista New Orleans gone world
wide thats why them niggas callin hoes hatin niggas want to take me out for
lunch but bitch yall never break me like some fries cook got shit in your eye
work niggas like i’m down south servin french fries at burgar king nigga im
from New Orleans home of the body bag murder capitol New Orleans ugh.

Where dey at there dey go where dey at there dey go where dey at there dey go
whre dey at there dey go there dey go where dey at where dey at there dey go
there dey go