UNLV – Uptown 4 Life




MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! We need to run that….U.P.T. FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

Damn nigga!

[Chorus-Yella, Lil Ya, & Tec-9]

Get Into It With A Nigga Gotta Tote My Gun
Get Into It With A Nigga Gotta Tote My Gun,
It’s plain to see, you can’t change me I’m a Uptown nigga for life! (2X)

[1st Verse-Tec-9]

Nigga it’s judgment day, can you face these 3 niggas actin’ reckless
Jack ya for your necklace, the rhyme specialists
Sportier than the sport itself, droppin’ these bustas like flies, I despise
As I shoot ya down look me in my eyes,
AND YOU WILL KNOW, you wouldn’t have to think ya bigger
BECAUSE YOU KNOW, that I’m the one who pulled the trigger
BLOODY BODIES 226 hit nigga
BLOODY BODIES I’m wettin’ up your Hilfiger
Step aside nigga Uptown is on the way
>From the Mac Melph Calio all strapped with K’s
Catch a muthafucka sleep and I’ll wet ya down
When I creep the last thing you remember is my frown
Suckas fakin’ it cuz a nigga from the U be makin’ it
You can call me the 9-6 pissy bomb,
You can call me the 9-7 Deion
This clique this clique be fully equipped, equipped
Disrespect the 2-2-6 and you get whipped, flipped, chipped
Back to Bustaland,
I know you see the semi-automatic that I’m holdin’ in my right hand
I got a closet full of T-shirts with homies on em
Wonderin’ when my face is gonna be on one
I find myself gettin’ off into alot of drama
Protect the cocaine, protect my Mama
Fuck chasin’, I’m waitin’ patient in your daughter
You underestimated me, but I’m rock hard
The game’s the same, you disrespect you lose your brain
(WHY TEC????)
Cuz I’m an Uptown nigga for life!