Vandals – Money’s Not An Issue




Well I know you’ve been working most nights
And I think you deserve something nice
And the Twins they’ve been driving you nuts
But tonight your in luck. Guess What, Here’s what…

Hey babe we’re going out tonight
we’re finally gonna do it right.
No more pinching pennies with a broke ass loser.
I’ve had a change of luck
I found the twenty bucks i thought i lost under the sofa.
I’m feeling like a hundredaire
And baby i just don’t care where we go or what we spend
So grab your friends- cuz money’s not an issue tonight

Hey babe we’re going out tonight
Just bring your appetite for luxury and fun
Cuz money’s not an issue
Go on baby now make a wish
I’m feeling Irish rich
I found me a pot o’ gold and living large, it fits you
Feel free to super size cuz tonight dreams are realized