Vandals – We’ll All Get Laid




Well it’s a great big world thats filled with dissapointment
We’re maggots in the ointment just squirming to get free. And now the futures got
much more than you can handle
Don’t try to light a candle
Let’s curse the misery
And as we head for certain doom, don’t give up so soon
Till every one of us is dead and a vengeful Armageddon has arrived

Cuz we’ll have a drink and throw a parade. And greet the rapture screaming “Hooray!”
And hope someone jumps on a grenade. But no one will. We’ll all be killed and
we will thrill as blood is spilled. And even the bravest of us run away. We’ll all get laid

Cuz you still got dreams that havent been pissed on. And you still got things that you’ll never get done
And you’ll keep on running like a rat on a wheel. And keep on wondering what is the deal
What was the point? And how come it ends this way? Well no one knows, we’ve only got today
And as the lights go dim, don’t think is all so grim. At least we all go out together heading off to never-never land