Yelawolf – Billy Crystal




[Verse 1:]
Trailer park’s on fire, Billy been cooking up something.
If you need a biscuit, come on then, Billy just got it jumping.
Get it from a pro, get it for the low, get you some blow.
Get it for the nose, get it for the show, get it for the (hoes!)

Four-wheeler cranked up, gas tank on the ATV.
It’s full of that crank bud, Billy got pills from A to Z.
So what do you think?.. But Billy won’t go below 50.
22’s are dangerous, trigger a finger with the nugget rings.

Pow, take one from the needle, how you feeling now?
Purple moons and lucky charms, yeah, that’s the sound.
But veins turning brown. but his fame is so profound.
His name is like a noun, they going Billy now.

Billy’s on the corner with the crystal meth.
Yeah! and he ain’t slowing down, ain’t slowing down.
Billy’s on the corner with the crystal meth.
Go Billy!.. Crystal meth.

Ayyee, ohhh, ayyee, ohhhhhh.
Ohhh, ayyee, ohhhhhh.

[Verse 2:]
Hello junkies, and hello mama too,
Hello to my P.O., deuce up to the boys in blue.
Billy got brass balls, 20 pounds on the catwalk.
LSD & Adderall, and LCDs on the wall.

He’s watching every move, high-tech redneck.
Run up on him if you want to, i be ready, come on.
It might be dark in the woods. But the lights are on.
The money’s counted, and if the price is wrong.

Well then, Billy will get them Gremlins like Spielberg.
He’ll take your house down, off of them pillars.
And take your mom to sizzler, and feed her chicken liver.
That’s cold blooded love, Billy’s a chiller.


[Verse 3:]
4:30 in the A.M., Billy ain’t slept for days.
Gotta keep up with the profit, gotta keep up with the craze.
It’s a heavy shade, gotta walk through the maze.
Down where the sun don’t shine, and the palm trees sway.

And when the wind blew, and the cradle fell.
Down come baby Billy, and up come an able male.
Mama stayed at work, daddy stayed in jail.
Hey, that’s a full deck, but you gotta play with what you’re dealt.

So Billy dealt the joker, put the sheriff in the choker.
He drank himself sober, and pissed in a SuperSoaker.
And he wet em all up, and left his snow yellow.
That’s hard white boy, for the ello.