Young Buck – Born To Be A Thug





Daddy when you`re coming home?
I wish i could tell you but i don`t know,If you don`t work,you don`t eat
just be good while i gone…
Daddy when you`re coming home?
I`m hustlin i`ll be back in a week…
make sure you do your homework and kiss your momma for me…
Daddy when you`re coming home?
Don`t ask me no more,i`m about to go
Can i go with you daddy?
Little girl shut my door
Daddy when you`re coming home?
You know i`ll be back i got to,but for now i gotta to do
what i gotta do i love you

(Vers 1)

I know i run these street to much but that`s my life
And for you i trade it all my house,car,my ice
Every nigght i look at you..i thank god(Thank God)
Knowing you got evrything you want and i ai`nt even got a job
Not to mention this thug-life i`m livin
I never let you go sleep in a brick building
The day you was born me and my niggas popped bottles
Fellin in the hospital drunk to going to see my daughter…
You already seen the look in my eyes to hear my babygirl cry..
The happiest day of my life to see my babygirl smile..
It`s a big world now
So you know to take it slow…
You don`t need a nigga for nothing your daddy got do…
You gone live where you want to,drive what you want to..
As long you are alive you gone do what you want to
I put my life on the line for me and mine…
When i leave men she`s saying everytime